Jalapeño & Chipotle Powder "Yin Yang" Set

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      There are two sides to the popular jalapeño pepper in powdered form. There's the bright and crisp flavor of the popular fresh green chili, and then there's its smoked and dried alter-ego - the chipotle pepper. Both provide equal medium heat, and each deserves a place on your spice rack. Our "Yin Yang" jalapeño and chipotle set has you covered. 

      Use the bright and slightly grassy jalapeño powder for light meats, fish, salads, and garden salsas.

      User the smoky and earthy chipotle powder for BBQ, red meats, potato dishes, smoky chilies, and salsas. 

      See PepperScale's jalapeño pepper profile.

      See PepperScale's chipotle pepper profile. 

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